Architects : It's right because our profession is so human that we need digital solutions

When made properly regarding confidentiality and personal data, digital is not going against the human work, it facilitates its interaction and work production while working with other persons in an expanding remote work environment! It is pretty common to work with remote teams or on remote projects in the industry.

If you take those examples below and recognize yourself at work, it might illustrates better the need of digital solutions for Architectural teams :

Ex 1 : A client does not feel included in the evolution of its project, he barely has visibility on budget and planning . It is fundamental to consider that the workers don't have time to spend on the phone, computer, or meeting with the client. Architects need to focus on plans, 3D, and technical challenges, the MEP engineer has to collaborate with the architect and make sure his work is code compliant, the plumber has his hands into the walls… Being able to connect while working is key, and remote solution is the only way to do so, allowing real time information and transparency, by project, without disturbing everyone's job.

Ex 2 : Teams are working on a project that has a unique location (construction site) but work on it from different places (offices). It is indeed the reason why, during some big scale projects in Architecture, people from different companies will work remotely from their main office and move into one same room with the other teams. It allows better communication, collaboration and management. Although this is not always an option, creating a shared digital workplace is the best that can be done, granting a smooth and centralized communication between teams that are located in different offices, cities or even countries.

Roomies Team :)

More information about digital transformation in the Construction Industry here

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