ARCHITECTURE : The passion for a profession vs the reality of it

We all know great names in the industry such as Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid,… and make a (wrong) assumption of what it is being an architect those days.

Yes, it is about passion, innovation and great societal impacts, although the reality is that it is a TOUGH job if you want to financially survive.

Besides the appealing vision of what it is to design and find innovative technical solutions, the architect is liable for its work (thousands of regulations in the Building Code, that are differents for each building and City), he has to respond to environmental rules, he is responsible for fitting the budget and planning, and he takes responsibility for the coordination between many different project team members that are not employees of its studio (engineers, code consultants, developers, owners,…).

So if you’re trained as an architect and you’re not born as a superhero in project management, you’ll most likely face issues due to miscommunication, leading to misconception, and finally to financial and liability risks.

It’s okay, it has been that way forever! But today, with all the tools available, it might be the time that will change the day to day work environment in the industry, and unifies all team members in a very smooth way 😊

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